What are NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital tokens registered on a blockchain. They can represent a work of art, a virtual object or anything else that can be identified as unique.


NFTs are 'non-fungible', which means they cannot be traded one-to-one for another identical token, unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible, i.e. they can be traded one-to-one for another token of the same value.


NFTs allow artists, musicians, gamers and other content creators to monetise and protect their work in a unique and verifiable way on the blockchain.


NFTs can be used to represent anything from digital works of art to photos, videos, sounds, games and virtual objects. They can be bought, sold and traded like any digital asset and can also be kept as rare collectables.


In addition NFTs also have a high intrinsic value because they represent the digital ownership and authenticity of the work of art or virtual good, this also makes NFTs useful in the fields of certification, registration and copyright management.

Blockchain Guide

Why do you absolutely need to certify your creations on blockchain?


  1. Guaranteeing the authenticity of your artworkWith NFT certification, you can guarantee that your artworks are authentic and not counterfeit, thus increasing their value on the market.

  2. Traceability of your artworkNFT certification enables you to trace the provenance of your works, making it easier to manage them and allowing greater transparency in the art market.

  3. Protection against counterfeitingWith NFT certification, you can protect your artwork against counterfeiting, thus ensuring that your work is always recognised as original.


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