SYNTARTICA: Buy the Artist and his present and future production will be yours as NFT!

INARTE.IT, with its project, SYNTARTICA is redefining the world of art collecting! In addition to offering an NFT certification system on Blockchain, it aims to revolutionise the collectors' experience allowing them to directly purchase a complete synthetic artist, together with the entire catalogue of his creations.

The Evolution of Collecting:
Digital art is gaining ground in the world of collecting, but SYNTARTICA goes further. In addition to the purchase of individual works, it offers the unique opportunity to own the entire 'creator' behind these works, providing an unprecedented journey into the artist's creative universe.


The Artist's Purchase:
When you buy a synthetic artist from SYNTARTICA, you are not just buying a single work, but you take possession of everything that that artist has created and will create in the future. Every digital stroke, every colour choice becomes part of your artistic experience.


Imagine owning a complete digital art studio, ready to continuously provide you with amazing new works. Owning a synthetic artist means automatically receiving each new work, constantly enriching your collection.


Authenticity and Security:
Each artwork and the artist himself are certified as NFT
on Blockchain, guaranteeing authenticity, uniqueness and traceability. This ensures collectors the security of owning authentic and original creations.


SYNTARTICA is opening up a new frontier in the world of art and collecting. Buying a synthetic artist is more than just an investment; it is a total immersion in an ever-evolving creative world.