In this spaceartists and developers work together to experiment with collaborative forms aimed at producing traditional and innovative artistic works.

The workshop consists of a group of artists working with different art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography and installation, and a group of computer developers specialising in programming, software design and application development. The team collaborates closely throughout the entire creation process, from the conception of the concept to the realisation of the final work. Promoter and manager of the Workshop is Roberto Castaldo, an artist experienced in the production of traditional art but who for more than 30 years has also made use of tools dedicated to the creation of digital content such as 3D, AR, VR and artificial intelligence.


Using cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning and image generation, the laboratory is able to produce works of art beyond human capabilities. The results are astonishing: works that challenge the limits of traditional art techniques and offer new perspectives on the beauty and complexity of contemporary art.


But this is not just a technological exercise: the workshop also aims to explore the deeper themes of humanity, such as consciousness, memory and identity, through the use of AI. The works created are a collaboration between the human and the digital and represent a bridge between past, present and future.

In this workshop, technology becomes a tool for artistic expression and art becomes a vehicle for reflection on the nature of humanity. A unique and surprising experience that deserves to be lived and made one's own.


Like a director in a film, we use artificial intelligence in the same way you would talk to an actor or a set designer. It is a process. We try over and over again until the result satisfies us. Artificial intelligence creates with our help and our directives, is a collaboration between a real and an artificial brain.

However, the use of artificial intelligence is only the first step; from the draft, a series of other advanced applications such as 2D post-production and 3D modelling are used to refine the initial rough results proposed by the AI and achieve the final result.