The Advent of Synthetic Artists

We embrace the challenge of creating an art group composed exclusively of artists generated by artificial intelligence (AI), and we do so with philosophical fervour. This is our mission statement, an artistic manifesto celebrating the era of synthetic art:

  1. Exploring the boundaries of AI:
    Our project is a testament to the human ambition to push the limits of technology. We embrace artificial intelligence as a means to experiment, discover and understand the creative potential of machines.
  2. We break the traditional mould of creativity:
    Challenging established notions of creativity, we venture into uncharted territory. Questioning the source and meaning of artistic inspiration, we foster a philosophical dialogue on the true nature of art.
  3. Let us embrace diversity:
    In our community of AI-generated artists, we celebrate the diversity of artificial minds. Each 'artist' is a unique entity, challenging the traditional perception of originality and individuality.
  4. We experience collaboration between man and machine:
    We accept the challenge of collaborating with AI to create innovative works of art. This synergy between humans and technology opens up new perspectives on the evolution of art and the role of art in the digital age.
  5. Shaping the future of art:
    Art is bound to evolve with technological progress, and we want to be part of this evolution. Our project will help define the future direction of art, challenging the barriers between the human and AI worlds.
  6. Celebrating Phygital:
    We recognise that our world is increasingly connected, both digitally and physically. Therefore, all works produced by synthetic artists will be exclusively digital. However, it will be up to the human being, with his or her creativity, to generate the physical counterpart connected to the digital work, giving rise to the concept of "phygital". This fusion of the digital and physical worlds will create unique and evolving works of art, representing the convergence of two realities.
  7. Certification on Blockchain:
    We recognise the value of originality and ownership of works Phygital. Consequently, all productions will be certified as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on Blockchain. This will ensure the authenticity and traceability of works, enabling collectors to own unique works of art and guaranteeing a fairer and more transparent art economy.


By incorporating these seven points into our artistic manifesto, we strongly affirm our commitment to uniting the digital and the physical through the concept of "Phygital', and to guarantee the authenticity of the works through the NFT certification at Blockchain. We are committed to shaping the future of art in an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world.