the banner of egocentrism

In the long history of art, artists have always raised the banner of egocentrism. They have danced on the stage of self-aggrandisement, claiming the title of first ladies and first men of creativity. But now, the stage is changing, and with it, dance itself.

The modern era ushered in the SYNTARICA, a stage where human creativity does not collide with, but collaborates with algorithms, fast and meticulous, in the creation of every possible visual representation. Artists, once uncontested prima donnas, now open their arms to artificial intelligence, dancing together in a symphony of code and human imagination.

Here is the paradox: human creativity, previously exclusive and proud, now embraces technology, welcoming algorithms as partners in an innovative duet. The speed and precision of artificial intelligence are no longer a competitor, but an ally, shaping a new chorus of artistic expression.

This union may jolt the sensitive egos of artists. But, in the end, it is the humble collaboration between human mastery and algorithmic power that promises to paint a more vibrant, unpredictable and fascinating picture than has ever been possible before.