A very serious thing!

Play is a fundamental element in life and creativity.

Thanks to the positive emotions and sense of freedom it conveys, play is able to give rise to a happiness of doing, which manifests itself as the courageous, everyday choice of every creative person.

Play and creativity

Play is an activity that stimulates and develops creativity, allowing the individual to experiment and explore new solutions to problems. In play, the individual is confronted with new and unpredictable situations that require the use of cognitive and social skills. In this way, play allows one to develop mental flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations.

Through play, one learns to manage stress and find ways to relax and have fun, promoting psychological well-being and resilience. Furthermore, play provides an opportunity to express emotions and feelings, allowing the individual to communicate with others and share common experiences.

Play is an energy that accompanies us along the path of life, a spark that ignites our imagination and reminds us that fun is ageless. It is an opportunity to laugh, to be carried away by our emotions and to create unforgettable memories.

Play as an integral part of everyday life

It is essential to understand that play is not an isolated activity, but part of our daily lives. Indeed, play is part of the context of human relationships, professional activities and personal experiences. In this sense, play is not just a way to pass the time, but a means to have meaningful experiences and to enrich our existence.

Play can take different forms and manifest itself in different contexts, such as work, school, family, hobbies and sports activities. In each sphere, play can promote collaboration, empathy, creativity and the ability to solve problems in innovative ways.

The importance of rules and imagination in play

Although play is often associated with moments of freedom and escape from reality, it is important to remember that play is an activity that requires rules and imagination. Rules are necessary to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants, while imagination allows for new and challenging scenarios and situations.

It is important to recognise play as a serious aspect of our existence, requiring rules and imagination to unfold its evocative and educational power. Play is a thin thread that weaves our lives together, giving us moments of joy and sincere smiles. It is not just a separate activity or reserved for children, but an essential component of our existence.

When we play, we immerse ourselves in a parallel universe, freeing our minds from the worries and tensions of everyday life. Play allows us to explore, to experiment, to challenge ourselves in ways we would otherwise never have considered.

It doesn't matter whether we are immersed in an addictive video game, involved in a football match with friends or intent on solving a puzzle in a brainteaser. Gaming connects us with others, encourages us to collaborate, challenge each other, discover new passions and hidden talents.

When we indulge in play, we allow ourselves to experience the freedom to be ourselves, to express our creativity without judgement. It gives us the chance to break the rules, to challenge ourselves and to find innovative solutions.

So embrace play in your life. Don't be afraid to let go, to put yourself out there and discover new worlds. Play is a gateway to happiness and authenticity. It is an invitation to live fully and smile along the way.

May the game always be a valuable companion in your adventure!

INARTE Editionswith its innovative artistic proposal, makes play and art accessible to all. Thanks to the Wimmelbuch360° images in which are hidden NFT-certified collectables, the experience becomes immersive and compelling.

INarte's Wimmelbuchs offer anyone the chance to immerse themselves in a virtual world full of details and secrets to discover. They are like a digital treasure hunt, but made simple and accessible to all, without the need to create complicated worlds or manage difficult resources and controls on different devices.

The rules are simple:

  1. Start exploring immersive scenarios.
  2. Find hidden elements in the scenarios and solve the proposed puzzles. Each time you find an element or solve a puzzle, you earn points.
  3. Accumulate the required score in order to redeem the prize. The required score may vary depending on the game and the prize at stake.

When you have reached the required score, you will be directed to the place where the NFT collectable can be redeemed.