What is Biolink NFT?

Digital Certification of the Work:

Each work of art on INarte.it is accompanied by a certification NFT (Non-Fungible Token), guaranteeing the authenticity and unique traceability of the work on blockchain.


Main functionalities of Biolink NFT:

  1. History and Traceability of the Work: The Biolink NFT acts as a digital archive. In addition to certifying the work, it offers a detailed view of its history, including blockchain transfers and the origin of the work from the certifying body.

  2. Access to the NFT History: It allows one to explore the chronology of the NFT's ownership changes, revealing the history of the work through the various owners to its origin.

  3. Acquisition and Use of Biolink NFT: Once the digital work has been acquired, the collector can request the Biolink. This can be downloaded as a QR code, offering direct access to detailed information on the work.

  4. Physical Biolink Option: In addition to the digital version, the Biolink can also be requested in the form of a physical object, such as a Smart-Card housing an NFC Microchip. This makes possible a physical connection between the digital work and the tangible world through NFC technology.


The Biolink NFT is an information resource linked to the creative work, allowing collectors to access a detailed and authenticated history of the work, either in digital form via a QR code, or in physical form via a Smart-Card with an integrated NFC Microchip.

Biolink example