What are NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital tokens registered on a BlockchainThey can represent a work of art, a virtual object or anything else that can be identified as unique. NFTs are "non-fungible", which means they cannot be exchanged one-for-one for another identical token.


Our certification service is a simple and secure way to register the ownership and origin of a single document or an entire digital folder, with no size limit.

We use the blockchain to record the unique cryptographic fingerprint (sha-256) of the digital content, along with other important information. This data is then securely and immutably recorded on the blockchain, which means that it cannot be changed or deleted.


In addition, the NFT generated is deposited in the user's digital wallet. This token gives concrete proof of the ownership and origin of the token associated with the valuable asset.


Each NFT token can subsequently be transferred from one wallet to another with a simple and inexpensive transaction on blockchain.


But the important thing about our service is that the user does not necessarily have to have cryptocurrency on their wallet; it will be our system that links the WEB2 to WEB3.




What is blockchain?