What are NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital tokens registered on a blockchainThey can represent a work of art, a virtual object or anything else that can be identified as unique. NFTs are "non-fungible", which means they cannot be exchanged one-for-one for another identical token.


NFTs allow artists, musicians, and other content creators to protect their work in a unique and verifiable way on the blockchain. NFTs can be used to represent anything from digital works of art to photos, videos, sounds, documents and virtual objects.


In addition NFTs also have a high intrinsic value because they represent the digital ownership and authenticity of the work of art or virtual good, this also makes NFTs useful in the fields of certification, registration and copyright management.

In summary, NFTs are used for:

  1. Ensuring the authenticity of digital content: With NFT certification, you can guarantee that a digital content is authentic and not counterfeit.

  2. Content traceabilityNFT certification allows you to trace the origin of digital content, making it easier to manage and enabling greater transparency in the market.

  3. Protection against counterfeitingWith NFT certification, you can protect digital content against counterfeiting, thus ensuring that your work is always recognised as original.


All productions you find on INarte are NFT certified. If you wish to have on your Waves blockchain wallet the NFT linked to an art purchase you can request it free of charge from the your order area.