What is blockchain

La blockchain is a digital ledger in which information is recorded securely and permanently. It is like a large digital ledger that contains all the transactions carried out on the network.

What makes the blockchain special is that it is distributed over a large network of computers, so that every computer can have a copy of the ledger. This means that there is no single central authority controlling the blockchainbut rather a network of participants working together to keep the register up-to-date and secure.

Each transaction on the blockchain is verified by a series of computers in the network and then added to the blockchain in a manner permanent and immutable. This means that once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, can no longer be modified or deleted.

The blockchain was originally designed to support cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin, but is now used in many other areas, such as supply management, information verification and contract registration.

In summary, the blockchain is a distributed, immutable digital ledger that guarantees the security and transparency of recorded transactions and information.

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