The NFT Blockchain Certificate represents a 'computer booklet' attached to a valuable asset, enabling its transfer to another property at any time through the use of Waves Keeper.

EU - The Commission stated that Blockchain can constitute, in the field of creative industries and copyright...

ITALY - Law No. 12 was published in the Official Gazette on 11 February 2019. Conversion into law...

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A definite date is a means of proving that a given document was created with certainty - or at least existed - on a given date.

L'The cryptographic hash cryptographic (sha-256) of a document with a blockchain certification is transcribed into registers that have the characteristic of being unalterable, unchangeable and therefore immune from corruption.

In order to transfer an NFT from one wallet to another wallet, the procedure must be signed. The browser extension Keeper facilitates the login procedure to the Blockchain-connected wallet and in an easy and secure way (just a couple of clicks) you can submit your transfer request. Read more about the Keeper extension in this page.